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Please take a moment to learn about Catholics United Credit Union and some of the services we can offer you. We hope you will look at our Financial Information page and take advantage of the free financial classes and information we have found for you. In these times we all need to learn more about how to manage our money and find the best possible financial services.

What is a Credit Union and why is it different from other financial institutions?

Most financial institutions are started by investors, managed by employees of the owners, and are operated to make a profit from their customers.

Catholics United Credit Union is not for profit. We are owned by our members, who are also members of Catholic parishes within our field of membership, and who vote to elect the board that sets policies and manages the credit union. All board and committee members are unpaid volunteers.

Like other financial institutions, Catholics United Credit Union is regulated, supervised, and insured by government agencies.

Why did we start a “Catholic Community” credit union?

We want to spread financial literacy and offer a hand up - not a hand out. We want to reach out to members of our Catholic community who feel they have no place to open a savings account or feel they have no place to get a needed loan except from predatory lenders who keep them in a cycle of poverty. We want to give them an opportunity to be owners of a financial institution and vote for the board of directors that sets credit union policies. Catholics United credit union offers a safe place to open an account and save for the future. Savings deposited by the members are used to make loans to other members for prudent and provident purposes.

Catholics United Credit Union is open and working. Our office is located in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish’s Madonna Hall at 612 S. Maple in South Hutchinson. We have almost 100 members from the community and are accepting deposits and making loans. If you qualify for membership, we invite you to become a member and join our credit union family.

Mission Statement

The Catholics United Credit Union shall promote thrift among its members and provide access to financial services to create a source for provident and productive purposes in order to empower individuals, families, and their communities toward building a stronger economic future.

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